What payments are accepted?

You can pay with your credit/debit card. We will automatically charge whatever form of payment you use for your initial subscription monthly, every six months, or yearly depending on the billing period you sign up for.

How often and when will I be billed?

We will bill your credit/debit card immediately after your initial purchase and then once every month, 3 month, or 6 month from the day you sign up.

How many meals come in each plan?

You will receive about 24 meals per month

Can I take a cheat day?

Yes you can. Every Saturday you can eat out, or use leftovers

How many and for how long Meal Plans are on the website?

Every week we are posting new Meal Plan for you, but they stay on the website only for four weeks, so it’s your responsibility to download or print your meal plan during this time. They are not available to members after four weeks.

Why haven’t I received my weekly menu plan email?

You should receive a weekly menu plan email every 7 days. Please check your spam/junk folder. If it’s not in your inbox, spam/junk, or promotional folder please reach out to us at [email protected] Additionally, we recommend adding [email protected] to your email contacts and/or list of approved senders to ensure that our emails make it to your inbox.

What is the difference between Meal Plan and Meal Plan + Instant Pot?

Meal Plan + Instant Pot has Instant Pot recipes as well.

How do I update the email address associated with my account?

Please email us at [email protected] Provide us with both your old and new email addresses and we will update it.

If I sign up, am I locked into a contract/is there any kind of cancellations fee?

No cancelation fee! We understand that our meal plans may not work for everyone. You can cancel for any reason at any time. (For cancellation instructions review our Menu Plan Policies under “Cancellation Policy.”)

If I decide that the menu plans aren't working out for my family how do I cancel?

For cancellation instructions review our Menu Plan Policies under “Cancellation Policy.”